About Us

Fleetopia was founded in 2020 after our Director "Marvin Lyonheir" decided after surviving 20 years in the motor industry, he's wanted a new challenge.

His timing however was impeccable, as the world was about to face one of its toughest challenges in modern history COVID-19.

Due to the pandemic & supply chain shortages, looking back it was not the greatest time to start a "Fleet Management Company".

But never less he continued to pursue his desire to offer a bespoke Fleet Management solution to his clients.

Our company relies on building long lasting business relationships, the only way to do this is by adding value to our clients, and providing a service that always has our customers best interests at heart.

We are not here just make a quick buck, we help Small to Medium sized Businesses scale up and remain compliant, all whilst saving money in the process. 

At "Fleetopia" you are not treat as just another client, you're treated as a partner and like any good partnership both parties should prosper from the relationship. 

Our moto is simple, our clients needs come first.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

We hope to hear from you soon  to discuss how we can add value to your business.

Sunset on Motorway

"Master The Art Of
Staying In Your Lane"

Marvin Lyonheir